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Hello, my name is Brad Nabier. Welcome to my site about excavation services. I enjoy watching work crews use excavators and dump trucks to shape the land for the intended buildings. Excavation crews dig out holes for foundations or flatten the land to ready it for new home construction. Commercial sites are often prepared in the same way, but on a grander scale. I would like to discuss the different types of equipment used on these work sites. I will also share information about operation and maintenance of that equipment. Furthermore, I may even explore various building regulations surrounding dirt work. I hope you visit my site often.

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4 Construction Hydraulic Hose Problems and Their Solutions

There would be probably no heavy construction equipment if hydraulics had not been invented. You will find this crucial mechanism in excavators, loaders, earthmovers, pavers, backhoes, dump trucks, and any other machine that needs to lift great loads. Hydraulic hoses are key components in hydraulic mechanisms. These rigid pipes transfer energy-generating liquid or the hydraulic fluid from one part to another within the mechanism. Hydraulic hose failure can bring crucial equipment to a halt. As such, it is good to know the different problems you can expect from construction hydraulic hoses.

1. Wear and Tear 

Any component that works with high pressure and heat will gradually wear out. Hydraulic hoses have an expected lifespan depending on the equipment application. An aging hydraulic hose becomes brittle, and you will see cracks in the hose material. You will also see hydraulic fluid leaks around degraded hose components. 

You should regularly check the manufacture date on hydraulic hoses to prepare for their replacement. Continued use of degraded construction hydraulic hoses could put people at risk considering the tasks involved. Therefore, you should schedule regular inspections by a hydraulics technician. 

2. Fluid Contamination 

High pressures and temperatures in the hydraulics mechanism can make some components degrade from wear and tear. The fragments of these parts sometimes find their way into the hydraulic fluid, which leads to abrasions in the inner tubing of hydraulic hoses.  

The only way to treat this problem is to replace the fluid entirely after inspecting for the part that is generating the fragments. Always ensure to use the right hydraulic fluid for replacement.

3. Cuts and Corrosion

It is normal to see knicks and scratches on construction hydraulic hoses, but deep cuts and corrosion present bigger problems. Corrosion causes deeply worn spots and sometimes exposed wiring in the hose.  

Cuts and corrosion compromise the structural integrity of hydraulic hoses, with the danger of sudden collapse. Ask a hydraulics technician to replace such compromised hoses right away. 

4. Twists and Kinks 

Sometimes hydraulic hoses get trapped or crushed when construction equipment is executing different maneuvers. As a result, the hoses develop twists and kinks. Very high pressure develops in twisted and kinked spots, leading to structural weaknesses. Sometimes the crushing movement destroys the hose. 

Regular inspections can reveal twisted or kinked construction hydraulic hoses. You should observe any cracks and leaks keenly, which should tell you to replace the damaged hose. 

Are you having problems with hydraulic mechanisms in your construction equipment? Talk to a heavy construction equipment service about regular hydraulic hose inspections.